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Brine Pump

Brine pumps are use to inject brine into meat. Brine is water containing dissolved salt and curing s...
Brine Two Propeller Agitator
Featured Product: Brine Pump Agitators > Brine Two Propeller Agitator  • 70824-SP
Brine Two Propeller Agitator features: (2x) 3 in one stainless steel propellers; Propeller shaft ⅝” diameter, 18” long; 50 – 3000 RPM; 1 HP air motor.


Dehydrators - MPBS D10 Dehydrator
Featured Product: Dehydrators > Dehydrators - MPBS D10 Dehydrator  • 36775-D10
MPBS D10 Dehydrator; It's all you will need to make that jerky you always wanted; No more gas station brands that use so much artificial flavoring that leave the meat nearly undetectable; This stainle...


MixMaster TSM-200 Spiral Mixers
Featured Product: Spiral Mixers > MixMaster TSM-200 Spiral Mixers  • 1251
MixMaster TSM-200 Spiral Mixers features: 15 HP spiral mixer with removable bowl designed especially for heavy dough like pizza and bagel; Long lasting stainless steel 318 qt bowl that can handle "440...


Peeler - G-Peeler
Featured Product: Peeler > Peeler - G-Peeler  • 36230
Peeler - G-Peeler features: Portable 20 lb peeler with stainless steel construction that ensures long life and makes cleaning easy; Tier prevents over-peeling and waste; Ideal for potatoes and other r...


LEQ Portioning Scale
Featured Product: Portioning > LEQ Portioning Scale
LEQ Portioning Scale (Video Link) series features: Progressive tare to obtain net weight, while automatically subtracting the container's weight for precision measurement; AC adapter and built-in rech...

Grocery Store and Meat Market Equipment

Welcome to the MPBS Industries Grocery Store and Meat Market Equipment which includes store machines and restaurant equipment / machines. The grocery store equipment and restaurant equipment selection includes floor meat mixers, floor meat grinders and table top meat mixers and table top meat grinders, brine pumps, hand marinate needle injectors and automatic marinating needle injectors and some people call them marinate pickling injectors. Manual sausage stuffers, table top sausage stuffers, table top meat grinders, small sausage mixers and sausage linkers are all part of the grocery store equipment and restaurant equipment / machines section. We sell and service table top meat slicers, both manual meat slicers and automatic meat slicers, table top meat band saws and floor model meat band saws, meat dicers and meat portion cutters. Table top bowl cutters and table top bowl choppers are popular equipment for grocery stores and restaurants. Vertical meat cutters and vertical meat choppers are great machines to chop up meat, chicken, produce and even make salsas. Other items include meat tenderizers, chicken and beef fajita cutters, marinate vacuum tumblers, hamburger and sausage patty machines, hamburger and sausage patty formers. Grocery store equipment and restaurant equipment / machines includes over wrap machines, hand wrappers, shrink wrappers, table top vacuum chamber machines and floor stand vacuum chamber machines, shrink wrap machines, or scales such as portioning scales, label scales / label printing scales, bench scales, and price computing scales. MPBS Industries offers service and parts for most grocery store equipment and restaurant equipment and machines.

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